The region's Premier Forum for the
Global Space and Satellite Industry
26 - 28 May 2015 | Dubai | UAE

Global Space and Satellite Forum 2015

The Region's leading space show that inspires and educates a new generation of space professionals with up-to-date knowledge on cutting-edge space research and commercial space applications, as well as workshops and networking  
A platform that educates emerging and established space programmes on space technology trends and how they can benefit their economies  
A dedicated space conference and expo that showcases space and satellite related developments  

GSSF 2015 at a glance

GSSF initiatives to create a greater impact

Below we have outlined some potential initiatives that could be integrated into GSSF to create a greater impact and add value to the space community in the Middle East region.

Space Innovation Challenge:
A programme to encourage young scientists and entrepreneurs to propose and develop innovative space based applications
This programme will provide a platform for innovative space applications to be presented in front of an audience including relevant subject experts, potential investors and regulatory authorities
Space for Smart Government Services:
A programme to encourage local government agencies and ministries to evaluate downstream space applications that can create innovative space based smart government solutions
Next Generation Space Ambassadors:
An initiative to introduce the next generation of Emiratis to potential opportunities and careers in the space industry, through a well developed campaign amongst schools and universities
Space for Industrialisation:
The space industry offers a great opportunity for less labour intensive industries such as high tech manufacturing. Initiatives can be planned to create awareness of such possibilities and engage worldwide partners
GSSF Awards Programme:
An exclusive awards programme to recognise leading achievements in the space sector across the region and the world